New “Popofobic” Music Video 2020

Taken from the album “Spiritual War Songs” (2018) released on vinyl and digital – VUV070… The song is called “Bow Down Before Jerusalem” and the video was recorded in Jerusalem 2019 and edited 2020…

also up on Bitchute:

bit warr

If you want to get “Spiritual War Songs” on Vinyl just mail to:  for more info… set “Popofobic Vinyl” as headline…

B.I.A Interview & Live – May 2020

Baptism In August (B.I.A), first featured on Vuv Records Vol. 4 with the song “Million Light Years Ahead” has released a brand new album on their own and in the interview below all details are revealed:

Also up on

BIA bright

Click on the link or picture to watch…

New Album “Blood, Fire & Holy Mountain E.p” up on their bandcamp page:

Or Bitchute:


Vuv Records Sampler 2019… OUT NOW!

Finally the new disc has arrived and it includes bands like: The Reclaimed (Swe), IngoÅsk, CrazyMEn, Baptism In August and many more… Here it in full at various digital sites like:   Spotify,   Youtube etc. But also a physical CD is avalible with 4 bonus tracks (not on the digital sites) including a previously unreleased track from 1997 by the Östersund Lofi heros: “STEVE & THUNDER” and all 3 tracks from the new e.p by The RECLAIMED Swe -called “Living Sacrifice” + 20 minute long B.I.A track… Get in touch with us if you are intressted…

Music video from – IngoÅsk:

Music video from – The Reclaimed Swe:

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New album by The Crazymen out now…

The dubbelalbum “Forest Punker 5777, Episode 1 &2” is out now… On spotify, Youtube etc…

First Music Video from Episode 2:

From episode 1:

Digital Vinyl:

also the band is celebration it´s 15th year aniversary with a 183 page FREE PDF BOOK.. directlink here:

FINALLY… a release-live-gig also is booked for the summer in their hometown check all info about that here:


Greetings -VUV

Your band on Vuv Sampler Vol. 4 ??

First of all thanks for all the emails we get from band all over, but we´re sorry that we can´t respond to most of them since we are very small and have no big resourses. Anyway we are going to give away one offer to work with our label though if you or your band are interessted in donating one song to the upcoming: Vuv Records Sampler Vol. 4.

We are going to promote the record to radiostations in Sweden and besides Spotify, Itunes etc. we maybe also will press either a CD or a LP.. But no 100% promises about that… If we do though we will give you 2 copies for free if we choose your musical project to part of the sampler…

Releasedate is set to around May / June 2016 (can be changed)… So all emails before 30th of April will be checked…. If you send us an email with the headline “Vuv Sampler 4”.. and a link to the song you want to be on the sampler… We will take a look… If we are interessted we will let you know…

Send your info with “Vuv Sampler 4” as headline to:

Alright keep em coming – Vuv