Vuv Records is a Swedish Independent Record Label that started seriously in 2005…. The name comes from a festival that some people behind this label was involved in called “Vättern Utan Vatten Festival” (also V.U.V Fest) and it existed between the years 2003-2004 Motala /Sweden. The festival booked all kinds of bands mainly from Sweden but also one band all the way from Brazil called “Navio Negreiro”. The Festival was a colaboration between “Indivduals”, “The Municipality”, “Bilda” & “Studiefrämjandet”  (adult educational assosiations). The idea of the festival was to mix all diffrent kinds of Music styles like: punk, metal, hip hop, stoner rock, acustic, ska, reggea, singer/songwiriter, dj etc…. That also is the idea of this record label… Read more about the festival line up etc. at:  Festivalinfo.se

Hear mixed songs by our artist:

Contact email:   vuvrecords@yahoo.se

Other pages that features Vuv Records info:



or just google it…


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